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Blue Whale Game - downside to viral cyberspace!

We at ViralKart.com strongly advocate against this game and request our audience to share this Public Service Message and spread the word on the pitfalls of this game and its dangerous motives, we suggest formal counselling and parental guidance strongly for those affected by this.



The Blue Whale game or Blue Whale Challenge is believed to be a suicide game wherein a group of administrators or a certain curator gives a participant a task to complete daily — for a period of 50 days — the final of which is the participant committing suicide.


Participants are expected to share photos of the challenges/tasks completed by them.These daily tasks start off easy — such as listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, among others, and then slowly escalate to carving out shapes on one’s skin, self-mutilation and eventually suicide.


There is still uncertainty over how a participant plays the game. While some say the user has to install some app on their smart phone, others say it’s via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where the administrators get in touch with the participant after those interested throw out postings on social media asking for a “curator”. A number of different hashtags— #bluewhalechallenge, #curatorfindme, #i_am_whale — act as signals for the anonymous curators.


This sick suicide game called 'Blue Whale' that is being probed by Russian cops after being linked to 130 teen deaths and its copy cat, A Silent House and Wake Me Up at 2.40 am, which reportedly challenge participants to kill themselves as part of the tasks given, are giving parents the jitters. 

  • Mental health professionals and activists are calling for a probe to ascertain the reasons youngsters are attracted to these games.  Russia saw 24,982 suicides in 2014.
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